About us

Our goal is to enable clients to achieve a high level of health and to provide comprehensive prevention services in a targeted and tailored manner.

We use the latest technologies and procedures to provide you with prevention exactly according to your genetic profile - we take into account your family history and, after consulting with you, the assumptions of your future health development.

Our experts have over a decade of experience in the field and are ready to attend to you personally so that you receive the best possible care and relevant recommendations. Absolute confidentiality is of course guaranteed!

                                       Our history

Our company has deep expertise dating back to the 1960s. This is thanks to the prominent personality of Professor Radim Brdička, MD, DrSc., who is an important name in Czech molecular genetics and biochemistry. He was born in 1933 and, after studying at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague, he began to devote himself to research in the field of genetics.
After a year of practical medicine in Rumburk, he returned to Prague, where he became a teacher of genetics and also contributed to the emergence of genetics in medicine. He worked as a researcher at the Institute of Medical Biology and Genetics of the 1st Faculty of Medicine in Prague and after 1989 he moved to the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the CAS and the Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion, where he has been the head for the last 25 years. During his career, Professor Brdička focused on research in molecular genetics and biochemistry, which brought new knowledge in these areas and influenced the development of the field.

 In 1991, he was one of the founders of Biogen Praha s.r.o., a company specializing in the distribution and sale of reagents, diagnostic tests and service not only for scientific laboratories.

Professor Brdička thus became one of the key people in the field of molecular genetics and biochemistry in the Czech Republic. His work influenced not only the development of the field, but also the education of new generations of scientists. His legacy remains alive and inspires further research and development in the field of genetics and biochemistry.

He has written and published many articles např.:https://www.linkos.cz/casopis-klinicka-onkologie/2023-02-15-1/onkolyticke-viry-a-leceni-nadoroveho-bujeni/, https://www.linkos.cz/files/klinicka-onkologie/151/3517.pdf, https://www.linkos.cz/lekar-a-multidisciplinarni-tym/kongresy/po-kongresu/databaze-tuzemskych-onkologickych-konferencnich-abstrakt/validace-metod-molekularni-genetiky-urcenych-pro-analyzu-lidskeho-genomu/ ,https://www.linkos.cz/casopis-klinicka-onkologie/2006-12-30-supplement2/detekce-expresnich-profilu-u-pacientu-s-cml-pomoci-atlas-plastic-8k-microarrays/,https://www.linkos.cz/casopis-klinicka-onkologie/2006-12-30-supplement2/vyuziti-biocipovych-technologii-v-onkologii/ ,https://www.linkos.cz/casopis-klinicka-onkologie/2006-12-30-supplement2/vznik-a-rozmach-cipovych-technologii/